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Please see the latest Tony’s View. In this week’s issue of TV Tony looks at results from his monthly Spending Surveys Plan which show further deterioration in the economy is underway. That is good news for interest rates but not for many months yet .

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Why working with a local agent is important!

We live in the Waitakere Ranges which is a premium location for many, but it is not for everybody. Buyers who want to live in the bush zones, are usually in contact with real estate agents who specialised in these areas. Other agents who work outside these areas work a different group of buyers who will not necessarily be interested in buying further out in our local area.

So, when selling your lifestyle property, one of the first decisions you will need to make is which real estate agent will I choose to help me get the best outcome.  You may have a personal connection with an agent through previous real estate transactions, family, or a recommendation from someone you know – but that does not necessarily mean that they will meet your real estate needs. What would you be missing out if the agent you have chosen, does not have any current listings in your area?

When you work with an active local real estate agent you get:

  1. Access to a database of buyers who are already actively looking to buy in the area. Buyers who are interested in bush living zones are usually not in contact with suburban agents. These two agents work with different pools of buyers. Homeowners in Laingholm and other bush areas are better off with an agent specialized in bush living real estate.
  2. The agent can market your property to all the contacts they have in the local area via text message, email, or a phone call, even if they are not currently active. There is no better advocate than your local neighbours.
  3. Buyers that have come through their other listings who may decide a particular property does not suit their needs would often ask: ‘What else do you have that might suit us?”
  4. A local agent becomes familiar with the budget and buyer preferences of the buyers in their database, so can work with them specifically when a new listing comes to the market.
  5. They are up to date with what is selling in the area and are aware of how the market is moving, what is a good offer and what is not. Underselling your asset should not be an option.
  6. More competition is likely to happen if it’s a local agent who is in contact with local buyers. Financially the difference can be large when selling your property.
  7. Because local agents know the area well, they have the skills to overcome excuses and have a good knowledge base to answer area and price specific questions.

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