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Once you are enlisted with Gaston and his team, you are eligible for a free mortgage pre approval assessment. This means that a potential real estate buyer gets to consult with a lender, obtain a pre-approval letter – which is of course done post discussions on loan options, budgeting, the lender in turn will check credits and notify prospective buyers, the notification tells buyers about the maximum amount they can borrow and hence fix on the price range.

A mortgage pre approval is a valuable asset as it indicates the authenticity of a lender having checked your credit, verified your documentation to get the approval for a specific loan amount. Gaston’s ProAgent team will work with you on each step of the way till you have secured the property. The advantage Gaston’s client have is that they are using expert advice of mortgage brokers for free.

In Gaston’s experience most buyers don’t have a contingency plan in case things don’t go as planned once the loan is approved. He further adds that his team helps people understand financial uncertainties before they make this huge commitment. His team may ask you, “What if you lose your job after buying the house, will you have enough money to pay for the installments of mortgage?” if you don’t have an answer to it, they will help you arrive at it.

They also help you answer questions about emergencies; will you have the financial capability of continuing your mortgage payments in case you are struck with an emergency? They are crucial questions and answering them correctly can alter the route of your decision making. You can make an appointment with Gaston and his team either by writing to him or by making a phone call to him. His team takes out time to make obligation free assessments. These personalised touches make his West Auckland real estate team and service unique and dependable. You can visit him at or at


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